Graham Scott-Taylor –

Director of Galeri Hafod and Freelance Photographer

Graham has recently returned to his native North Wales following over a decade in the USA. He originally studied Graphic Design, this is reflected in his striking and distinctive photographic compositions and his bold use of colour.

Whilst in the States, Graham integrated his graphic design skills into his commercial photography. Graham’s vision for Galeri Hafod has been inspired by the American appreciation of excellent photographic imagery.  He brings his enthusiasm for promoting such photographs with him.

Graham is a former member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

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Paul Kay –

BSc(Phot), FRPS – Director of Galeri Hafod and Freelance Photographer

Paul made his reputation as an underwater photographer, who has written & illustrated a number of books and had many thousands of images published worldwide. He has photographed for numerous clients including the National Trust, had material published in magazines such as BBC Wildlife and has undertaken many commercial projects.

He has a degree in Scientific Photography and is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. Paul has a passion for capturing imagery which is emotive and inspiring.

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Other Photographers

Sadhya Rippon

I had always thought that I would be a painter; there are fine artists in my immediate family and I studied painting at College. Then my husband and I were given a camera and I began to take simple shots of my family. I became fascinated by the process, and decided that I wanted to take this further.

I applied and was accepted on the Creative Photography course at Derby. This was a highly acknowledged diploma course with excellent tutors and facilities. My main influence was the renowned photographer John Blakemore. I have no memory of attending his lectures and tutorials but we became friends and I observed his personal process. He talked of his approach to landscape photography, the waiting for some sort of connection, some sense of place. The returning to the same spot, the same small Derbyshire river, the achieving of an intimacy with the landscape.

I have tried to mirror this approach in my own work. John has been the most important person in my creative process, not only in photography, but in all aspects of my creative life.

Now retired I continue to take photographs almost daily. Digital photography has arrived and it fascinates me just as much as the old darkroom processes – it challenges, and it gives back so much as we work at it.

Sadhya has a large number of Greetings Cards and a select group of prints throughout Galeri Hafod.

See some of Sadhya’s work at Small Gallery.

Mark Jeffs

My work as a lens designer has given me a natural interest in the technical aspects of photography. In the 80’s when I started taking black & white in addition to colour slides, I found a strong outlet for my creativity. Initially I focussed on taking conventional landscapes but, through studying the work of famous American photographers, I realised that smaller-scale studies could be just as satisfying when the subject is translated into two-dimensional print.

Trips to the western US during the 1990’s and greater exploration of North Wales were a great time of development for my photography in terms of both practical skills and image visualisation. More recently my photography has made more use of mental concepts for images that can be created, rather than being driven primarily by the subject available at the time.

I use a traditional approach and still prefer to work with Ilford black and white film in 6 x 9 cm format using a Horseman ‘VH’ technical camera with a variety of lenses. I prints on to fibre-based paper in my own darkroom.

Mark’s Images can be seen in our Long Gallery.

Richard Greswell, ARPS

I was born in Chester and now live in Shropshire, one of the most beautiful counties in England. I have been taking photographs of many kinds since I was a child but now concentrate on landscapes and other images of the natural world. Key to my work is the subtle interplay between natural forms and the light that touches them; where the wonderful uncertainty of British weather cooperates just long enough to encapsulate and convey not just a sense of place, but also mood. I am particularly drawn to the coast and where these elements are often at their most expressive and evocative.

I find creating strong images deeply rewarding but that alone is not enough. Photography is a powerful means of expression and communication but like the written word, without publishing, the story is lost. Sharing images is an essential part of the creative process.

Richard’s Images can be seen in our Small Gallery.

Link to Richard’s website

Michael Potts

I have spent more than 30 years as a wildlife cameraman, working mostly for the BBC, in more than 50 countries worldwide on major series such as The Life of Birds, The Life of Mammals and many programmes in the Natural World series.

I have now turned to stills photography, of both wildlife and landscapes, at home and abroad. I still specialise in bird photography but am also inspired by the landscapes of Snowdonia, the Welsh coast and further afield.

Link to Michael’s own website.

Rolf Karehenbuehl

Rolf is a Swiss photographer, currently based in North Wales. His passion for all things black and white is evident in his work, but he doesn’t limit himself to just monochrome, his color work is equally compelling.

We are so happy that Rolf has some of his works at Galeri Hafod.


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