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About Galeri Hafod

Hafod’ – definition: A Welsh word meaning a farm or dwelling on the higher pasture for use in summer (Haf is the Welsh word for summer). Many ‘Hafods’ can still be seen today in the hills of North Wales, although most are now tumbledown ruins.”

Galeri Hafod is unique in North Wales in terms of the range of photographic genres and imagery that it exhibits. The gallery’s aspiration is to represent many other photographers, from those who are well established to talented newcomers.

Building on a foundation of long-established artistic communities within the Conwy Valley, the gallery aims to raise the profile and value of photography as an art form with both those who come to view photographic images and photographers themselves.

As well as displaying and selling photographic imagery, the gallery aims to encourage a lively interest in all aspects of photography and generally stimulate an enthusiastic culture of photographic appreciation. In support of this the gallery runs courses and workshops, talks and events and also bespoke photographic training, all by experienced professional photographers.

The gallery displays an eclectic range of images from beautiful local landscapes to photographs with a more contemporary take on their subject matter; from the stunning scenery and wildlife of North Wales to its hidden undersea world, from its industrial past to its vibrant future as well as images from locations far beyond Wales – all are represented by images in the gallery.


Meet the Team

Paul Kay

Paul made his reputation as an underwater photographer, who has written & illustrated a number of books and had many thousands of images published worldwide. He has photographed for numerous clients including the National Trust, had material published in magazines such as BBC Wildlife and has undertaken many commercial projects.

He has a degree in Scientific Photography and is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. Paul has a passion for capturing imagery which is emotive and inspiring.


Graham Scott-Taylor

Graham has recently returned to his native North Wales following over a decade in the USA. He originally studied Graphic Design, which is reflected in his striking and distinctive photographic compositions and his bold use of colour.

Whilst in the States, he integrated his graphic design skills into his commercial photography, becoming a member of the Professional Photographers of America in late 2009. Graham’s vision for Galeri Hafod has been inspired by the American appreciation of excellent photographic imagery. He brings his enthusiasm for promoting such photographs with him.




We put a great deal of care into all the prints we supply. We ensure that all the images are very carefully optimised so that tonality and colour are as accurate as possible and all fine details are precisely defined. Images are adjusted for the specific print system chosen and printed. All our prints are produced using the finest inks and specialist papers designed to produce the highest quality prints possible.

Whilst our ’standard’ prints use quality materials they are not limited in terms of print run nor size.

Our exhibition’ quality prints have same attributes as our Limited Edition prints, but these are not First Edition prints, nor do they have a specified print run.

The Limited Edition First Printing prints from Galeri Hafod are just that, the first specified short run of prints made from a photograph. Each Limited Edition Print is numbered, signed by the photographer and a director of the gallery and supplied with a certificate. Limited Edition Prints are meticulously produced, mounted and bespoke framed. Their prices represent their production cost, the exclusivity of the prints and low first print run and the fact that we believe that the photographers should be viably rewarded for their photographic vision and skill.

We also stock prints made by some photographers whom we represent, which are hand-printed in the darkroom, and some of these are even chemically modified (selenium toned) to ensure that they too are highly archival. We consider these to be of ‘exhibition’ standard.


Most prints in the gallery are “giclèe” fine art prints. Our printing is carried out by highly experienced printmakers, whose skill and talent should not be underestimated as a part of the printing process, and produced to a standard which can genuinely be described as ‘fine art’. The paper onto which the photographic images are printed is of prime importance as it must suit the specific image and have excellent archival properties in order to be long lasting. We usually use a British (Somerset) mill-made paper which is 100% cotton based, and buffered to be pH neutral, ensuring archival stability. Printing utilises pigmented inks which are selected for colour rendition and archival properties. We can supply full technical details of the processes we use if requested.

Mounting and framing materials are also very carefully chosen. Mounting, barrier and backing boards are again pH neutral, ensuring that the prints will last for a very long time indeed. Framing is bespoke.

First and foremost our prints are all intended to be displayed and enjoyed. Ideally prints should be placed in areas away from direct sunlight or other intense light sources and also away from sources of direct heat (so not above radiators) but, above all, they should be placed in locations where they will give the greatest viewing pleasure.


Our aim at Galeri Hafod is to provide the best possible experience for the customer, whatever your budget.

We now have over 100 bespoke photographic greetings cards, which we have produced specifically for Galeri Hafod. These feature photographs by both gallery Directors as well as the gallery’s represented photographers.

Some of our Limited Edition Prints are also available as greetings cards, yet our card selection is much broader with subjects ranging from stunning views of Snowdonia, to wildlife, to more intimate and eclectic details of both common and unusual subjects.

Our aim is to provide a broad and appealing card selection to suit many different tastes and occasions.

The current selection of greetings cards can only be viewed at the shop at Bodnant, but will be available to purchase online soon!


Galeri Hafod is run by photographers who have considerable photographic experience and knowledge. This enables us to provide a very wide range of photographic services including courses, workshops and of course professional photography.

We can offer a vast suite of professional photographic services which range from portraiture to technical consultancy, from high resolution, colour corrected artwork copying to macro photography, from studio still life to location shoots and a great deal more. We are available for aerial photography, underwater photography, biological monitoring, advertising photgrpahy, plus bespoke wedding photography and so much more – In short we can cover an awful lot!

If you require the services of a professional photographer and you would like more information or we are happy to discuss potential areas of work, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We can be contacted on the gallery number below, during our regular opening times, or via the website contact form and e-mail.


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